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June 9, 2013
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M+DC I by kgreene M+DC I by kgreene
I've been wanting to do more comic related stuff so here's the first in a series of Marvel/DC pieces I have planned following what Marvel was doing with the A+X and A Vs. X comics. I plan to do Marvel + DC and Marvel Vs. DC. And then do "Classic" versions of those pieces with the old costumes. So Thor+Superman is the first. Guess I have to do a Thor Vs. Superman, huh?
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Hey, thanks!
coalesceny Jun 19, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Why bother, since we all know Thor would win?
Amazing artwork! I'd love Marvel and DC to do more stuff like this! Couple of suggestions I'd love to see...

- Iron Man and Green Lantern
- Nightwing and Gambit
- Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn) and Lex Luthor
- Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and Wonder Woman
- Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Flash (Barry Allen)
Those are pretty good! The first is a definite. Lex and Norman is a great idea! But I'm gonna go:
Storm/Wonder Woman
Haven't decided what to do with Spider-Man.... he is so unique in terms of matching him up with anyone.

Thanks so much!
Those all sound great! I know certain pairings like Batman and Iron Man or Power Girl and She Hulk are fairly common. Love Daredevil and Nightwing as a team up, being trying to think who Iron Fist and Luke Cage would team up well with too. I also just figured that Carol's Captain Marvel and Hal's Green Lantern might go well together due to their shared air-force/military background and space based ties.

Spidey is tricky isn't he? I never liked the 90's Crossover figuring that Super Boy was his counterpart. I figure Flash makes sense because they're both working guys with strong science backgrounds, plus they both have a impressive enemy rota who often team up to battle them (Rogues for Flash, Sinister Six for Spidey). Anyway, glad you liked my ideas! :)
They are very good ideas! Also, I plan on having a Vs. cover with the two very same characters fighting. That makes it even tougher with Spider-Man. I'm gonna do Cap/Batman and use Superman again with a Hulk pairing. I want to do a Thanos/Darkseid Vs. as well. That might be interesting.

Thank again!
Kamenliter Jun 9, 2013  Professional General Artist
all kinds of awesome.
Hey, thanks, man! Appreciate it!
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